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meta:Interwiki map (meta: m:)
CVS: /maintenance/, wikipedia-interwiki, wiktionary-interwiki


search MediaZilla product=Wikimedia&component=Interwiki+links

bugzilla:00954 (new) – "w: in en.wikipedia not really "superfluous" for self & broken links"
bugzilla:00955 (wontfix) – "b: doesn't work from wikibooks"
bugzilla:02738 (new) – "Links between languages and projects at Wikisource"
bugzilla:04558 (new) – "Some InterWiki prefixes render to invalid links at [[species:]]"
→ → wikispecies:user:Gangleri/tests (wikispecies: species:)
→ → sep11:User:Gangleri/tests (sep11:)
bugzilla:04676 (new) – "Interwiki prefix c: could be used as a shortcut for commons:"
bugzilla:04812 (new) – "s: should be a valid interwiki prefix at all Wikimedia Foundation projects (including all Wikisource projects)"

fixed / worksforme / invalid[modificare]

bugzilla:00065 (fixed) – "Links mixing latin1 literal characters and entities produce bad UTF-8"
→→ duplicates: 00067, 00066, 00555, 00909, 01554, 01591, 01597
bugzilla:00938 (fixed) – "links to in en.wikibooks shown as broken links"
bugzilla:00953 (invalid) – "From wikipedias, w: always means English wikipedia, but b: means wikibooks of same language"
→→ duplicates: 03861
bugzilla:00971 (invalid) – "w: from de.wikibooks doesn't lead to "central place" but to de:wikipedia"
bugzilla:02303 (worksforme) – "interwiki links to wikimedia foundation wiki's fail if they contain UTF-8 characters etc."
bugzilla:02342 (worksforme) – "w:he:(aleph) is a valid interwiki link at en: but not at other wiki's"
bugzilla:02372 (fixed) – "[[interwiki_foo:]] will generate wrong code and render incorrect (regression)"
bugzilla:04322 (invalid) – "Provide interwiki link to"

strategic requests[modificare]

bugzilla:00850 (reopened) – "Circular redirects not caught between wikis"
→→ bugzilla:02701 (fixed ? FIXED / WONTFIXED or INVALID) – "Interwiki redirects redirect to local page with interwiki title"
bugzilla:02718 – "Expand localurl to include InterWiki prefixes and to support the parameter part"
bugzilla:03745 (assigned) – "Create [[Special:InterwikiMap]]"
bugzilla:04285 (new) – "Provide accessibility of Wikipedia's sister projects trough wikipedia: interwiki prefix"
→→ MozillaZineKB:user:Gangleri/tests/bugzilla/04285 (MozillaZineKB:)
→→ commons:user:Gangleri/tests/bugzilla/00850/note c8 (commons: c:)
bugzilla:04547 (new) – "Enable template inclusion from Commons (transclusion => interwiki templates, etc.)"
bugzilla:04864 (new) – "Evaluate self referencing interwiki prefixes"

other searches[modificare]

search MediaZilla long_desc=self+referencing

bugzilla:04709#c3 (wontfix) – "Links to redirects in different colour"

search MediaZilla long_desc=interwiki+table


* '''wikipedia:''' [[wikipedia:template:bugzilla/04547/interwiki]]   <sup><small>[[#1|1]]</small></sup> <sup><small>[[#2|2]]</small></sup>
** [[w:template:bugzilla/04547/interwiki]]
* '''commons:''' [[commons:template:bugzilla/04547/interwiki]]   <sup><small>[[#1|1]]</small></sup>
** [[c:template:bugzilla/04547/interwiki]]
* '''meta:''' [[meta:template:bugzilla/04547/interwiki]]   <sup><small>[[#1|1]]</small></sup>
** [[m:template:bugzilla/04547/interwiki]]
* '''wikibooks:''' [[wikibooks:template:bugzilla/04547/interwiki]]   <sup><small>[[#1|1]]</small></sup> <sup><small>[[#2|2]]</small></sup>
** [[b:template:bugzilla/04547/interwiki]]
* '''wikinews:''' [[wikinews:template:bugzilla/04547/interwiki]]   <sup><small>[[#1|1]]</small></sup> <sup><small>[[#2|2]]</small></sup>
** [[n:template:bugzilla/04547/interwiki]]
* '''wikiquote:''' [[wikiquote:template:bugzilla/04547/interwiki]]   <sup><small>[[#1|1]]</small></sup> <sup><small>[[#2|2]]</small></sup>
** [[q:template:bugzilla/04547/interwiki]]
* '''wikispecies:''' [[wikispecies:template:bugzilla/04547/interwiki]]   <sup><small>[[#1|1]]</small></sup> <sup><small>[[#2|2]]</small></sup>
** [[species:template:bugzilla/04547/interwiki]]
* '''wikisource:''' [[wikisource:template:bugzilla/04547/interwiki]]   <sup><small>[[#1|1]]</small></sup> <sup><small>[[#2|2]]</small></sup>
** [[s:template:bugzilla/04547/interwiki]]
** [[oldwikisource:template:bugzilla/04547/interwiki]]
* '''wiktionary:''' [[wiktionary:template:bugzilla/04547/interwiki]]   <sup><small>[[#1|1]]</small></sup> <sup><small>[[#2|2]]</small></sup>
** [[wikt:template:bugzilla/04547/interwiki]]



1    this interwiki prefix conflicts at some projects with {{ns:project}}
2    if this interwiki prefix does not conflict it defaults to the English project

Gangleri Gangleri | Th | T 4 februarie 2006 22:58 (UTC)