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Bun venit la Wikiștiri, sursa liberă de știri scrisă chiar de tine! Tot ceea ce citești aici este scris de persoane asemenea ție.

Ce sunt articolele Wikiștiri

În primul rând și cel mai important, toate sunt scrise dintr-un punct de vedere neutru și nu conține opinii și comentarii (avem totuși o excepție Proiectul Editorial)

Sunt două mari tipuri de articole:

  • Articles written using information from other online news sources. "What does that offer that I can't get from, say, Google News?", you may ask. Simple - we can combine all the facts available from all sources about a news event into one single article for the reader's convenience. We can also present the information in a neutral manner - avoiding the bias that may be present in other news sources.
  • Articles written by original reporting. You yourself can write the news! We only ask that you take detailed notes and present them with your article.

Ceea ce dorim de la TINE!

We want you to write articles for Wikinews that:

  • You find interesting: If it's of interest of you, it will be interesting to many other people!
  • You feel isn't getting adequate coverage: Do you know of an issue that has been forgotten or is getting enough attention in the rest of the press? Here's your chance to tell the world!
  • Is important to you: The news you write can be about a global event or what's happening in your local town - we don't mind!

But we also want you to edit and expand the other articles you see here. Unlike in any other news source, when you see a mistake or something you know to be incorrect, you can fix it!

BINE, hai să începem!

Gata să scrii? Du-te la Spațiu de lucru, inima "ziarului", pentru a scrie articole noi sau pentru a le edita pe cele existente.

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